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Assam Government should not disturb the Cattle traders from Meghalaya, said GHP Raju



The local government has talked with the Government of Assam to not disturb the Cattle traders from Meghalaya when they’re transporting cattles through Assam.
The principal secretary of the department of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary, GHP Raju has stated that the Government has concerns regarding the Section 7 of the Assam Cattle Preservation Act 2021, which states that Cattle Traders should have a transit pass during transportation of cattles through Assam.

Raju also mentioned that the Act passed in Assam mentions that the Transit pass must be obtained from the State of Meghalaya whereas the Central Government said that identification and quality check must be obtained from the State the Cattles are being transported from.

Raju also stated that the Government of Meghalaya will write to the Assam Government that the Section 7 of the act contradicts that of the central Government and he also added that the department, if needed be, will provide a notice to the cattle traders so as to avoid any hindrance.

He further added that the department will provide temporary permits to those verified traders who won’t illegally trade the cattle with Bangladesh. He also said that if any trader who has the proper permit face any kind of difficulties while travelling through Assam, they can report directly to him and he shall carry the matter directly to the Special Director General of Police ka Assam, GP Singh who enforces the Cow Protection Law.
Regarding the illegal cattle trading to Bangladesh, Raju will meet up with the BSF higher-ups and officials to ramp up the checking and surveillance in the border areas. According to Raju, the price hike of the Beef in the state is mainly due to the illegal Cattle trading to Bangladesh.
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