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Saturday, June 15, 2024

House burnt completely in Umiap



Earlier this morning, at around 10 AM, a house belonging to Veinky Kharbani and Aitilis Lyngkhoi who are from Mawsngapwir, Umïap Mawthadraishan C&RD Block was completely burned down while one of the owners, Veinky Kharbani was taking a nap.

According to Veinky Kharbani, he is currently building a new house and was saving up money which amounted to around 80 thousand rupees but all of that got burnt along with the house while he was trying to protect his children from the fire.

Since the house was made out of wood, nothing could be done to save the house.

With regards to this, Miss Lila Nongkhar, a community worker of that area went and helped the family by giving them blankets and other things along with some money.

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