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Tynsong challenges VPP to prove commitment to ‘Jaitbynriew’, says willing to join VPP if proven


Shillong: The State president of the National People’s Party (NPP), Prestone Tynsong, has asked the opposition Voice of The People’s Party (VPP) to provide a blueprint of their love for ‘Jaitbynriew’. If they can do so, he is willing to join them.

Taking a jab at the VPP chief, Ardent M Basaiwamoit, Tynsong dared Ardent to show all his contributions towards the people, as he has been serving as an MLA for 11 years.

Tynsong also recalled that the VPP president had led the people to take to the streets against issues related to building byelaws during the tenure of Mukul Sangma as chief minister of the state, and said, “But the protest ended without achieving anything.”

“But the question is, who was instrumental in resolving the issue (relating to the MUDA encroaching into Sixth Schedule areas)? Was it not in 2018, under the leadership of Hamlet Dohling as Urban Affairs Minister, that the issue was resolved after it was taken up in the cabinet? Therefore, I urge the people of Shillong constituency to decide wisely and not blindly believe whatever they say without finding out the facts,” he said.

Tynsong asked VPP to stop misleading people in the name of Jaitbynriew.

Furthermore, Tynsong also slammed the VPP president for attacking church leaders, religious leaders, NGO leaders, and political leaders, and behaving himself as a “holy person.”

“Yes, I have seen the statement of the VPP president that everybody is a sinner. It seems that the only one who is holy here is the leader of the VPP. I am sad that his statement has affected the church leaders and religious leaders, which I feel is a big mistake and should have been avoided. He also accused NGO leaders and political parties of being bad and trying to portray that only leaders of the VPP are holy,” he said.

“In view of this, people are requested to be cautious against such leaders, whose statements always point fingers at others because even the saying says that no one is holy, and I see that such allegations are not for the welfare of society or the state,” he said.

He also reminded that Basaiawmoit had earlier joined the UDP and also was a former president of the HSPDP and said, “At that time when you canvassed, you always claimed that UDP is the best and that HSPDP is the oldest party which fought for statehood, and now you are saying they are bad? Therefore, it is for the people to judge and make wise decisions while electing their MP.”

“I urge people to rescue themselves from the floods that come and will disappear within a short span of time,” he said.”

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