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Meghalaya govt decline resolution on UCC until Central presented the Bill



Shillong: Meghalaya government declined the opposition’s request for the passing of an official resolution against the Uniform Civil Code (UCC). The grounds for this decision are based on the fact that the Central government has not yet presented a Bill regarding the UCC.

The resolution opposing the UCC was initially introduced by Charles Marngar, an opposition Congress legislator from Mawhati, and received support from members of the All India Trinamool Congress (AITC) and the Voice of the People Party (VPP) in the Assembly.

Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma emphasized that the State government fundamentally disagrees with the concept of the UCC, as it runs contrary to India’s core principle of ‘diversity.’ However, he stressed that passing a resolution prematurely, without knowledge of the UCC Bill’s content, would be imprudent.

Sangma stated, “The question arises, can we, as a legislature, oppose or pass a resolution without knowing the content of the UCC Bill? Therefore, it is only when we see the UCC Bill that we can take a stand as a government.”

Furthermore, he asserted that just because other states have taken such actions does not mean Meghalaya should follow suit. Sangma underlined the need for careful consideration and understanding of the UCC Bill’s specifics before making a decision.

The Chief Minister also assured the Assembly that it would unite to oppose any attempt, including by Parliament, to undermine the identity, rights, and culture of Meghalaya’s indigenous people.

It’s worth noting that Kerala was the first state to officially adopt a resolution in its Assembly opposing the UCC. Both the Nagaland Assembly and the Mizoram Assembly have also passed official resolutions opposing this contentious code.

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