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Door still open for Peace-Talks with HNLC Top Leaders, including outside Meghalaya: Dy CM 



Shillong: The Deputy Chief Minister incharge of Home (Police), Prestone Tynsong said that the door is still open for the banned military outfit Hynniewtrep National Liberation Council (HNLC) for peace talks.

The HNLC members have put a paused in the peace talks, and the cadres who were in the state for a period of no less than four months have returned to Bangladesh. They have indicated a willingness to resume talks only if the government fulfills specific conditions set forth by the Council.

Speaking to reporters on Wednesday, Dy CM said that both the State and Central Government are very serious the peace-talk with the HNLC. The Deputy CM reminded that the “formal” talk has happened only once and multiple times ”informal” talks has been held within the Deputy CM level.

“In the formal talk, ultimately from the state and central government side has requested members of the HNLC to allow the talk to continue and decision should be taken only by the top leaders”, said Deputy CM Tynsong.

The Dy CM further said that during the formal meeting, the government has asked the cadets who were present for the peace talk to go back and brief their top leaders on the government opinion and only when they are ready they can come back for talks, he added that the “door is always open for talks…as the talk should continue”.

On the certain conditions put up by the HNLC which include amnesty for all cadres and cease fire, Deputy CM said, “my request to the HNCL is please come back for talk, because until and unless we talk face to face on what you want and what you really wanted, we will not reach anywhere”, he added.

He further added that the cadres were in the state for not less than four months, the government has been taken care of them including their safety, “so why do you have such an apprehension”, questioned the Deputy CM.

The Deputy CM reiterates that both the state and central government are “sincere” and “serious” about the talk so therefore the top leaders of the HNCL should not have such an apprehension.

“If they feel it is not safe for talks within Meghalaya, we are ready to talk anywhere. Central and State Government are ready to talk anywhere”, he added.

The Deputy Chief Minister expressed that the talk should continue only in the presence of Top leaders- Chairman or the Commander-in-Chief.

On the statement made by the top leaders of HNLC that expresses distrust deficit in the government, Deputy CM put up a question to HNLC, “If you have distrust then why do you propose for talks?”, he also added that, “the HNLC cadres were with us for not less than four months, did anything wrong happen? did we do anything?… I think we need to ask them these questions”, he added.

We from the government have shown sincerity and we want to reach to the conclusion of this peace talk, we assure the HNLC that the door is open, said the Dy CM.

“We will assure for a safe passage, or even if you feel it is not safe to talk within Meghalaya, we are ready to talk anywhere else”, he added.

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