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Mukul declines Congress’ request to return, sets to join BJP after Lok Sabha polls: Vincent Pala


Shillong: The President of the Meghalaya Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) and Shillong MP candidate, Vincent Pala, alleged that TMC leader Dr. Mukul Sangma will join the BJP after the Lok Sabha elections.

Speaking to reporters, Pala stated that he had communicated with Dr. Mukul about returning to the Congress, but Dr. Mukul rejected the idea and expressed his desire to join the BJP instead.

Pala informed that from the Congress they have requested Dr Mukul and his team to return back or if does not want to return, should stay with the TMC so they work together, but Pala said Dr Mukul himself is trying to persuade our people to join the BJP.

Pala alleged that Dr. Mukul and his team are starting to recruit many to BJP especially in Ri Bhoi.

He stated that this is the reason why the Congress refused to form an alliance with the TMC in Meghalaya. According to him, the party in the state had thoroughly deliberated before making this decision.

“In Meghalaya, my team and I have discussed extensively because we are aware that TMC leaders have been in discussions with the BJP on numerous occasions. It is evident that after the elections, many TMC leaders will join the BJP. I briefed the high command and our leaders accordingly, and they agreed with me. Therefore, we decided not to form an alliance here because we understand that the TMC is the B-team of the BJP. Why should we sacrifice? Today, we ask our people, especially those in the Congress, to vote for the TMC, but tomorrow, if they join the BJP, we will fall victim to the BJP’s ideas,” Pala stated.

“Considering all these factors, I believe we are wise enough to recognize the ground reality that the TMC in Meghalaya is no longer the same as in Bengal. With this understanding, I think we were able to persuade our high command that we should not form an alliance here. It is not that we dislike the TMC, but we believe that it is not suitable for Meghalaya because their leaders are already inclined towards joining the BJP,” he added.

Pala stated that therefore, there is no question of an ego clash between him and Mukul Sangma.

“I don’t have an ego. I can tell you that I never think about my personal interests; I always think about the interests of the people and the party. So, I always put aside my ego. I don’t have an ego, and if somebody has an issue with me, that’s a different matter. I don’t have an ego with anybody. I am ready to talk and work for the interests of the party and the people. So, the question of ego does not arise as far as I am concerned,” he said.

Furthermore, the Congress chief expressed confidence that the party would outperform the TMC in Garo Hills in the upcoming LS polls.

“That is why definitely, in Garo Hills, Congress will perform better than TMC. I can assure you of that. Winning or losing is another matter, but we will give a good fight, and our party will revive in Meghalaya. We cannot revive the party if we are strong only in Khasi Hills; we have to be strong in all districts and the entire state for people to trust us. After this MP election, regardless of the outcome, people will return to the Congress,” he said.

“I think the TMC will not get more votes than the BJP. According to me, the TMC will come last in Garo Hills this time. The way TMC workers, cadres, and leaders have joined the Congress in Garo Hills, it seems that TMC will not be able to match even the level that the BJP achieved in Garo Hills,” he added.

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