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About 20-30% of border areas known for frequent clashes no longer under disputes : Conrad



Shillong, Sept 03: The state Chief Minister, Conrad Kongal Sangma has said that some border areas are recognised as disputed areas but after investigation, it was revealed that about 20-30% of these areas is not under dispute.

After a second meeting between the two Chief Ministers of Meghalaya and Assam to resolve the border disputes on August and September of this year, the MDA government has went forward to investigate this along with the Regional Border Committee.

On speaking with the press after the meeting with the Regional Border Committee, Conrad said that there are also areas where there is difficulty in resolving the dispute and deeper investigation and studies of the situation will have to be made because the government does not want to mix up the issues and will minimise the problems by handling them one by one.

He said that this effort by the government is to look at the issues from a different perspective by investigating how the people are now living in the border areas and their relationship with the authorities. He further added that the government is also looking at the current situation in the border areas and if there are areas where the issue can be resolved without any conflicts.

The Chief Minister said that at the meeting with RBC earlier today, the government has asked for information about the border areas from the Deputy Commissioners and after a long discussion, the government feels that it’s still required to further investigate how to go ahead with resolving the issue with the state of Assam. He said that maybe after properly investigating and judging everything and after the season session of the state, there might be another meeting of the two states and going together to survey the border areas.

When asked, Conrad said that the DCs who are member secretaries of the committee have informed about their findings which includes information about the border villages affected, information on the number of locals in Meghalaya’s side and Assam’s side, details about the electricity boarding connections taken by villages, etc.

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