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Raid Shabong consecrates guardian spirit of Ryngku Stu; Balipara Foundation, Assam to work with Heritage Committee


Shillong, Feb 29: The Raid Shabong under Hima Khyrim Syiemship has, on 27th March 2024, consecrated U Ryngku Stu, one of the guardian spirits of the land of Khun Longtrai Lai Kynthei, Raid Shabong, Khyrim Kingship State of Khasi Hills.

Earlier, during the day, an Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) is signed between Heritage Committee of Khun Kur Longtrai Lai Kynthei, Raid Shabong and the Balipara Foundation from Assam to preserve, protect and conserve the environment.

The guardian spirit is one of the protector for land, forest and water. The ritual is performed with a roster at the hill of Stu by the elder of the Raid.

The Secretary of the Khun Kur Longtrai Lai Kynthei, Raid Shabong, Mr. Riban Thabah told that the Raid Shabong has 28 guardian spirits and one priest, who are the protectors of the Raid Shanong. The ritual is performed annually since time immemorial.

“We performed ritual every year to ask for blessing, protection as well as development. Our forest, water, land remained protected due to the presence of these guardian spirits”, said Mr. Riban.

He said that those who need to collect or cut down trees, or draw water for any purposes from these hills, have to ask prior permission from the Raid administration, otherwise, the guardian spirits will punish them.

Earlier, a consultation was being conducted at madan Rangthylliang, Pynursla on the theme of protecting the environment and how to further preserve with indigenous solutions toward sustainable livelihood, climate resilience, water conservation.

The grassroot dialogue is held in collaboration with Tata Steel Foundation.

Leader of the Heritage Committee Khun Kur Longtrai Lai Kynthei, Raid Shabong, Mr. Morningstar Khongthaw narrated that the purpose of signing the MoU with the Balipara Foundation from Assam, is to further improve the management of environmental protection, preservation as well as conservation.

Balipara Foundation, Assam is an agency working on protecting the environment and the wildlifes in Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh.

The dialogue is attended and taken part by traditional heads of the different Raid under Riwar Mihngi area, sordar Raid Shabong Mr. Herinsingh Khongngai, SD0 (Civil) Pynursla Civil Sub-Division, Mrs. Eva L Warjri, representatives of Balipara Foundation, Assam, besides students of Riwar College, among others.

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