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‘KA SUR KI NONG MAWLAI’ takes it out on the government after leaders were summoned by the DC


Shillong, Sept 02: Earlier this evening, the group ‘Ka Sur ki Nong Mawlai’ took it out on the State government who had summoned leaders of the group to inquire about the public rallies held on the 25th and 27th of last month.

The state government via the Deputy Commissioner, East Khasi Hills District had sent a summoning letter to the leaders of the group ‘Ka Sur ki Nong Mawlai’ which has over 11 organisations affiliated with it.

Donboklang Kharlyngdoh said that the group leaders were shocked on receiving the summoning letter as the protest organised by the group ‘Ka Sur ki Nong Mawlai’ was for demanding justice for C S Thangkhiew’s family and also for a better future.

He said that the public rally held on the 25th of August wasn’t forced but women, men and the youth came out of their own choice without any fear of the rules given by the government because they understand that it was important that they come to the rally. He requested the government to suspend the police personnel involved in the encounter on the 13th of August and also added that the MDA government is using the Divide and Rule Policy.

Donbok said that the group is united and organised and if they have to face any difficulty, every member of the group will face it along with them and will continue to fight on.

Marbud Dkhar said that the government should speed up the Judicial Enquiry because till date, the group has found out that the enquiry has not started and also added that if the government slows down or interfere with the enquiry, the group ‘Ka Sur ki Nong Mawlai’ will not rest but intensify the protest.

The summoning of the group leaders of ‘Ka Sur ki Nong Mawlai’ was regarding the breaking of Covid protocols on the 25th and 27th of last month as there was more than a thousand people present at the public rally in Mawlai.

Marbud also retorted that public rallies organised by politicians right from the MDC election in Garo Hills where thousands of people attended the rally organised by the Chief Minister to the visit by Union Home Minister, Amit Shah in the past few months, there were no protocols being followed which showed that Covid exists only for the benefits of the politicians and the group can’t accept that the law is separate for the powerful and the common man.

Bah Samuel Biam who is the president of SSMP said that the summoning letters is triggering the people of Mawlai and the public rallies held earlier was because the people are angry at the government and that similar events like that should not happen again.

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