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There are MDCs from KHADC who will join Congress after MPCC gets new president



Shillong, Sept 02: The MDC of Rambrai-Jyrngam who is also the Secretary of MPCC, Bajop Pyngrope said that the appointment of Vincent H Pala as the President of the Meghalaya Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) will bring change to the party and help it serve the people better.

He said progress has started to happen under the leadership of Pala where he claimed that there are MDCs from KHADC who have confirmed that they will join the Congress party in the coming few days. He further added that the progress came after the appointment of the new leader and also because the people have seen the situation of the state ever since the Meghalaya Democratic Alliance government came into power.

He said that in these past 3 years under the rule of the MDA government, there have not been any peace and stability as there are curfews, internet shutdowns and a decrease in the economic growth which has been difficult for the people of the state.

When asked, Bajop said that the MDCs who have confirmed that they will join the party in the coming few days will also be contesting the MLA Elections in 2023 as they are well-known public representatives and he added that the joining of these MDCs will also help with the overall growth of the party.

When asked further, The Congress MDC said that the party has no intentions to move the Executive Committee even if the MDCs join them but said that it will depend on the decision of the party leaders.

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