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Ri Bhoi headmen has no objections to concluding the Cherry Blossom festival on a Sunday


Shillong: Amidst the ongoing debate, the Synjuk of Rangbah Shnong (Headmen) in Ri Bhoi has clarified that they do not intend to oppose the government’s decision to conclude the Cherry Blossom festival on a Sunday.

The general secretary of the Synjuk, PB Sylliang stated during a press interaction on Tuesday that they have no objections to the chosen date for concluding the Cherry Blossom Festival. He further explained that the Dorbar Shnong of Lumdaitkhla has also granted their permission for the event. However, the Synjuk advised considering previous years’ schedules to avoid hosting the Festival on a Sunday, in order to respect the sentiments of various religious communities in the state.

A delegation from the Synjuk of Rangbah Shnong met with Tourism Minister Paul Lyngdoh on Tuesday at his official chamber to discuss the matter and convey their opinion in favor of maintaining the scheduled date for the Cherry Blossom festival.

Despite this, the Meghalaya government has already decided to instruct the organizers to commence the event in the evening.

The Cherry Blossom Festival 2023 is slated for November 17-19 at Lumdaitkhla, Bhoirymbong, Ri Bhoi District. However, the choice of concluding the festival on a Sunday has sparked opposition from certain pressure groups, who argue that Sunday holds significant religious importance for the Christian majority in the state of Meghalaya.

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