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Water supply by PHE dept are ‘Clean’ and ‘Ready to Drink’ : PHE Minister 


Shillong: Amidst growing concerns among Shillong residents regarding the safety of their drinking water, PHE Minister Marcuise Marak assured on Tuesday that the PHE department is providing residents with safe and potable water.

Addressing reporters, Marak emphasized that the department has responded to the specific concerns raised. He also outlined the rigorous testing process undertaken at the Mawphlang Testing Plant before water is supplied to the city.

Marak detailed the water’s journey, explaining that it travels from the Mawphlang testing plant to a tank at Six Mile Upper Shillong, then to another tank in Four Mile Upper Shillong, before being distributed to Municipal Tanks and other storage units in the city.

He asserted that the water supplied by the PHE department is fundamentally clean and suitable for consumption.

This statement comes in response to findings by FKJGP, which conducted tests revealing that over 40 localities in Shillong are reportedly using water of questionable quality.

Marak stated that he is not informed of the specific water sources FKJGP sampled. However, he emphasized the department’s commitment to addressing any contamination issues if identified in individual tanks.

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