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Rise in thefts linked to drug abuse; Laitumkhrah residents conduct night patrolling   


Petty Crimes have been reported almost every day in Shillong, with theft cases being reported and are mostly connected to drug use. Incidents of theft have cropped up across various pockets of the city, especially urban areas, particularly Laitumkhrah which experiencing a disproportionate share almost every day.


Andrew A Jyrwa, the headman of Laitumkhrah, expressed grave concern over the alarming spike in theft cases, even occurring in broad daylight. In response, the Dorbar Shnong of Laitumkhrah, including women and youth, have mobilized night patrols to safeguard the area against theft.


Jyrwa urged residents to proactively install CCTV cameras in their homes, emphasizing the importance of promptly reporting any suspicious activity to both the police and the Dorbar Shnong.


He revealed that, under the government’s Smart City project, surveys have been conducted to implement solar lighting and CCTV systems in and around Laitumkhrah. This strategic move aims to deter individuals from engaging in illicit activities in secluded areas, making strides toward a safer and more secure community.

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