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State govt re-sent Khasi Social Custom of Clan Administration Bill 2022, citing conflict with Khasi Social Custom & Lineage Act of 1997  



Shillong: KHADC Deputy CEM, Pynshngain N. Syiem, has revealed that the State Government has re-sent the Khasi Hills Autonomous District (Khasi Social Custom of Clan Administration) Bill, 2022, due to its conflict with the Khasi Hills Autonomous District (Khasi Social Custom and Lineage) Act, 1997.

While addressing reporters on Thursday, he explained that the government sought clarification because the term “clan” appears in both the clan bill and the lineage act.

Syiem further informed that they plan to reintroduce the clan bill during the upcoming two-day special session to allow members to deliberate on it.

Additionally, the KHADC Deputy CEM recalled that the former Executive Committee had formed a committee led by senior MDC Bindo M Lanong to rectify the bill.

It should be noted that in July of last year, the KHADC had unanimously passed the clan bill after incorporating the recommendations suggested by the committee chaired by Lanong.

The bill was forwarded to the Governor through the District Council Affairs department for approval. However, it has recently been returned to the council.

This marks the third occasion on which the state government has returned the clan bill.

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