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MDA Ministers aware of drug Kingpin meeting with Chief Minister : Dr Mukul   


Shillong: In a significant development in the State Assembly, Speaker Thomas A Sangma took action on Wednesday by expunging statements made by opposition leader and former Chief Minister Mukul Sangma, which alleged a close association between Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma and a ‘drug kingpin’ from Mizoram. These statements were deemed in violation of the rules governing the proceedings of the House.

Assembly Speaker Thomas A Sangma, during the session, made the decision to expunge the controversial statements made by Dr. Mukul Sangma. The Speaker ruled that these allegations went against the established rules of parliamentary conduct.

In response to this action, Dr. Mukul Sangma defended himself by clarifying that he did not make direct allegations against Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma. Instead, he based his remarks on a photograph showing CM Conrad in the company of the alleged ‘drug kingpin.’ Dr. Mukul further alleged that several Ministers within the Meghalaya Democratic Alliance (MDA) government were aware of the kingpin’s visits to official chambers at the Secretariat and the Chief Minister’s official residence in Polo.

Dr. Mukul emphasized the responsibility of public figures and elected representatives, stressing the importance of maintaining a high standard of behavior.

In response to these allegations, Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma questioned Dr. Mukul’s knowledge of the case and the accuracy of the allegations made against him. The Chief Minister sought to clarify his stance on the matter.

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