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Shutdown of important power projects left State to resort to loadshedding: AT Mondal


Shillong: Minister Incharge of Power, Anu Taher Mondal informed that due to minimal rainfall has affected the hydel power projects and also due to important power projects led to loadshedding in Meghalaya.

While speaking to reporters on Wednesday, AT Mondal informed that important power projects like the Kopili and Khandong Power project has led to the government to resort to load shedding, additional with the scantily of rainfall, the minor renovations and repairs has affected power projects depending on rainfall.

Mondal informed that the power share from central is also 72 million units (approx) and the state’s own generation is around 16 million units (approx).

Replying to a question, Mondal informed that power projects under shutdown include Kopili stage-I of 200 MW from where the state gets 35MW as share, Khandong power station of 50 MW (state share is 8.51MW) and Kopili stage-II of 25 MW (state share is 3.45 MW).

Concerning the hardship faced by the people with frequent loadshedding, Mondal lamented, “the government and the department are working round the clock to see that if any relief can be given to the consumers… the moment we improve our situation, as I told you, it depends on how the power is available in the grid or we can go for swapping then we will relax the load shedding period”, he said.

Mondal said that the government is working for long term plans so as to solved the power shortage in the State, “We have planned a lot of things. Of course earlier also the state government has planned. You must be aware that we have gone for so many MoU signing with the independent power producers but somehow this could not take place. Those who want to start have some issues so we are seeing whether these issues can be sorted out or not. If that is done that way also we can look forward to the future.”

With regards to renewable energy, the power minister said that solar and wind energy are a very costly affair and require a huge plot of land but there is also a mandate to have this in place. “We are looking into this angle also,” he added.

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