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Fishing competitions held in the State is not “gambling” but merely hobby: kyrmen


Shillong: Cabinet Minister incharge of Revenue, Kyrmen Shylla on Wednesday said that fishing competitions held in the State is not “gambling” but merely hobby. But, if lucky-draw of huge amount of money is involved, the government will look into it so as to generate revenue for the State.

Speaking to reporters, the Minister said,”Personally, I feel like fishing is a hobby since olden days. Why do they call it as gambling, for me I don’t see it as a gambling”.

“It is a hobby but now they started involving lucky draws, it is because of that they termed it as gambling”, he added.

Worth mentioning, fishing competitions especially in the Khasi-Jaiñtia regions are awarded with huge sum of cash prizes with some competitions goes to about 10 lakhs for the first prize winner.

In this regard, the Revenue Minister said that the respective DCs will have to look into it so that if needed then maybe the government can generate revenue from these competitions.

“But for this the Deputy Commissioner concerned should look into these issues closely so that if needed then maybe we can generate revenue from that because people doing lucky draw they are earning so they shouldn’t mind paying to the state government and whatever they are doing should be done legally,” added Shylla.

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