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Khyndailad-Umsohsun road to be a Pedestrian and No Honking Zone: Paul Lyngdoh


Shillong: The Minister incharge of Tourism Paul Lyngdoh on Tuesday made an inspection at Khyndailad to assess the ground situation of the inconvenience faced by daily commuters within the market area.

Being the busiest part of the city with hundreds of cars passes by on a daily basis, the Minister informed that the road from Khyndailad to Umsohsun will be identified as an area of “pedestrian zone” and “No honking zone”.

The Minister said that the issue of honking is also a problem near major hospitals and the government is taking measures to tackle the menace.

He added that Shillong has become toxic where pedestrian are facing difficulty in walking and they want to tackle this problem.

On asked, if it will be a mammoth task to turn Khyndailad into a pedestrian zone and no honking zone, Lyngdoh positively responded that every task is mammoth as long as they are very sincere about it.

“…task is to achieve the first milestone that is have few areas of Shillong as pedestrian zone”, added the Minister.

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