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Cancer is one of the biggest killer in the State of Meghalaya: Health Minister Ampareen


Shillong: It is now been established that Cancer is one of the biggest killer in the State, said Health Minister Dr M Ampareen Lyngdoh after her inspection of the operational Cancer Care Wing (CCW) at Civil Hospital, Shillong on Wednesday.

“Tremendous efforts put in to ensure that we are reaching out to patients across genders, across ages and age groups because now it has been established that Cancer is one of the biggest killer in the State of Meghalaya”, said the Health Minister.

Lyngdoh informed that the team of doctors are well versed with what is needed to get done and is preparing forward to ensure the upscale of this Cancer Institute.

Further the State Health Minister informed that the State government has come up with a “Cancer Mission” – A Mission to combat cancer as a disease on a war-footing so as one can address this big problem that the State now is facing.

She further informed that amongst the other districts in the State, East Khasi Hills rank the highest in detecting the number of cancer patients.

On her inspection, the Health Minister interacted with few of the Oncology patients along with the Health officials of the hospital.

Senior oncologist, Dr Anisha Mawlong informed that the after its inauguration, the Cancer wing at Shillong Civil Hospital is ready with the Indoor Facility and Day-Care Facility.

“In the indoor facility we have 90 beds and will cater all the Cancer patients which includes Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy, Palliative care services, Screening services”, informed Dr Mawlong.

However, she informed that the Radiotherapy will be set-up very soon as the tendering process is the purview of the Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai. She further informed that presently, the Radiotherapy is being done at the old Civil Hospital Building with the Telecobalt machine.

Dr Mawlong emphasised on the need to prevent Cancer and early detection of Cancer in the State. She also emphasised on the need to reduce the cancer burden as India is known to stand first in tobacco related cancer and stand second in male’s and eleventh in females in all cancers ranking in the world.

“The ranking is something we shouldn’t be proud of, North-East is known as the Cancer Capital of India and our Meghalaya is also coming very high in this ranking”, said Dr Mawlong who stressed that Cancer awareness should target youths who have not indulge in the consumption of tobacco and to educate them the ill effects of tobacco so in the next 10-15 years we will have a State with lesser burden of Cancer.

On asked on mission mode to eradicate cancer from the State, the Health Minister Lyngdoh reiterate the needs of sensitisation of the illness at a young age.

Health Minister informed that the treatment of cancer in Shillong Civil Hospital has become a cashless treatment – coverage by the Meghalaya Health Insurance Schemes (MHIS) is almost a 100% except in rare cases of non-registry of Aadhar by the patients.


Cancer Mortality Rate is 600 to 900 per year in Meghalaya

Cancer mortality rate in the State of Meghalaya is registered at about 600 to 900 per year informed Principal Investigator of the Popolulation Base Registry Cancer Wing Civil Hospital, Dr WB Langstieh on Wednesday.

Dr Langstieh further informed that the highest cases of cancer detected in East Khasi Hills region are more of Tobacco Related Cancer (TRC) and the cases are more common in Males compared to the Females. He also informed that in some cases children are also victims to cancer.

Screenings and Communication participation are the two remedies in reducing cancer, further informed Dr Langstieh.

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