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Most Incidents in Shillong are highly sensationalised, misleading people at times: Lambok Marngar


Shillong, November 30: The President of the Khasi Students’ Union (KSU), Lambokstarwell Marngar said that the incidents in Shillong do not even compare at the slightest bit to the deaths of the 5 men in Mukroh. He posed a question as to how the law-and-order situation in Shillong is affected and added that those who say so should put themselves in the shoes of the families of the 5 deceased men and see how they feel.

He said that sometimes the incidents in Shillong are highly sensationalised with the intention of misleading the public because whenever any pressure group holds a demonstration, it is as per the right of the people. However, the KSU Chief also accepted that it cannot be denied that here and there small incidents do take place, but these incidents are highly sensationalised whereas those that happen at the border are turned a blind eye to.

Marngar also said that a protest will be a protest, and it is the duty of the Government to ask itself why such protests happen in Shillong.

With regards to the problem which arose on the 24th of this month following the candle light vigil and condolence meeting held for the people who were shot dead by the personnel of the Assam Police, the KSU Chief said that due to the said incident, many people became furious, but many of the elders and leaders of the pressure groups calmed the situation to contain it, and added that the intention of the meeting was also to send a message to the Government to take action on what had happened.

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