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The statements of the Karbi Anglong representatives add more fuel to the fire, says President of the KSU


Shillong, November 30: The President of the Khasi Students’ Union (KSU), Lambokstarwell Marngar said that the Meghalaya Government should take the right action in connection with the statement of the representatives from Karbi Anglong who have alleged that the residents of Mukroh are illegal settlers.

He said that such comments only add fuel to the fire, because how can they just claim that the area falls under Assam without going back to the history of the District Council and the Himas, the Elakas have their own history and they know their residents who have lived in the area for generations.

He said that perhaps the actions of the Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council are in part the instigator which led to the bloodshed.

The KSU leader said that until the border resolution has not reached the last phase, Assam and Karbi Anglong should not interfere much but wait for the mandate of the people, without any person visiting the area for a day or two day analysing and stating opinions on it thinking themselves most knowledgeable about the area.

On being queried about the decision of the Government on forming the Judicial Inquiry, Lambokstarwell Marngar said that the decision of the Government to form an inquiry commission, the organisation will follow up and see if it is just to show that they have taken due action or if it is just a mutual understanding.

He said that if the Government truly has the intention to take legal recourse, finding the root cause should not take time and the organisation will speak again after it has adjudged it, and added that while the investigation process is going on, those involved should be imprisoned.

On being queried further with regards to the decision of the Government of instating Border Police Outposts, the KSU leader said that the organisation had already given the suggestion a long time ago and may be this decision is taken a little too late and expressed hope that the Government will implement the decision. He said that the organisation will also follow up on this decision whether it is a decision taken only on paper or if they implement them at the soonest.

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