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Presence of Assam Forest Guards check gate reason for bloodshed in Mukroh: Nujor


Shillong, November 29: The MLA of Mowkaïaw, Nujorki Sungoh has clearly stated that the check gates of Assam Forest Guards in Mukroh village should promptly be removed, the presence of which led to violence and bloodshed in Mukroh village on the morning of the 22nd of November which resulted in the loss of the lives of 5 men from the village.

In a special correspondence with the local MLA of Mowkaïaw, he said that the allegations that the incident has occurred as a result of timber smuggling is baseless. He informed that the scuffle began only after the Assam Forest Guards detained 3 youngsters who were engaged in farming. He said that after the 3 detained youngsters were freed, bruises were seen on the bodies of these youngsters who were punished by the Assam Police.

He also informed of a few incidents which has really troubled the residents as a result of the forest guards collecting taxes from the farmers who have to pass through the gate which is about 2.5 km from their village.

Sungoh said that the residents want the Assam Police personnel involved in killing the civilians to be arrested promptly so that the families that were struck with the unfortunate incident can get justice. At the same time, he also expressed his gratitude to all those who came and sympathised in Mukroh village after the incident.

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