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Arrested FKJGP and KSU members released on bail today


Shillong, November 28: 4 members of pressure groups consisting of 2 from the Federation of Khasi Jaiñtia and Garo People (FKJGP) and 2 from the Khasi Students’ Union (KSU) were granted bail and were released from prison today evening, the 28th of November.

These members of the pressure groups were charged with alleged assaults on passerby on the day of the public rally on employment which was held on the 28th of October.

The 4 members were picked up by forefront leaders, the President of the FKJGP, Dundee C. Khongsit and the President of the KSU, Lambokstarwell Marngar, family members and other leaders from Shillong District Jail with much happiness and jubilation.

The President of the FKJGP, Dundee Khongsit said that the fight will go ahead because the arrest is for the great cause of the youths. He said that this arrest was a motivation because imprisonment has been seen as a form betterment to fight on for the cause.

The President of the KSU, Lambokstarwell Marngar said that imprisonment is not for any crime but to push forward the problems of the many. He said that the KSU and the FKJGP have demanded for a State Employment Policy for a long time for a fair and just recruitment process. He said that the pressure groups will not stop raising the issues affecting a majority of people especially for the cause of the youths.

On the other hand, the leader of the KSU said that prison is a university which makes patriotism deeper and it shall not demoralise them. He also slammed the Government by saying that it is mostly busy in arresting the members of pressure groups, when the Assam Police takes the lives of fellow community members, and this has continued due to the mistakes of the Government.

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