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I want to contest Elections but will consult with family members first: V.G.K Kynta


SHILLONG, November 08: V.G.K Kynta, a senior advocate in the Meghalaya High Court has expressed that he truly wants to contest the 2023 MLA Elections from Nongthymmai constituency, however, he also said that he does not want to decide or jump hastily on his desires but will consult with his family members first.

He said that even though he strongly desires to contest the Election, however he has not decided as yet which party he will contest from, while stating that after he had made his wishes public, a few political parties have come forward to offer him party tickets, however, he added that he does not want to make any hasty decisions because before he takes a final call he wants to consult with the majority of the people.

On being queried about which party he would contest from if he decides to contest the election, Kynta refused to say which party he has his mind set on, but he said that he personally feels that any party is just a uniform because at the end of the day the people do not really look at the party but at the person.

V.G.K Kynta who is also the father-in-law of the sitting MLA of Umsning, Jason S Mawlong who won on a PDF ticket. On being queried of he would join and contest from the same party as his son-in-law, he said that he cannot deny that he gives his full support to his son-in-law because as an MLA he has worked hard and has done his best work, but if he joins any party, it will be his choice, but to be together in the same party will not be possible because he does not back any party.



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