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Even without formal education, I have traveled extensively; Khmoin Wahlang encourages young sportsperson in Mawkyrwat


Mawkyrwat, November 07: The elderly woman who has brought much accolades for the State by competing and winning in various Marathons, Khmoin Wahlang has encouraged the youths in sports to work hard and be committed, and even if they do not win now, there will come a time when they surely win.

Khmoin Wahlang who is 74 years of age spoke on the final day of the MLA Cup Football Tournament which was held in Mawkyrwat. She said that even though she cannot read or write because she did not receive any formal education, yet now as she has completely focused her mind on Marathon as a sport, she has been able to travell to many places including Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and in the next few days she will be competing again in Mumbai and Assam.


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