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Umroi MLA urges the public to join hands in opposing casinos in the State


Four pressure groups which includes the HANM, MPUF, RBYO and the MPSO came together today to oppose casinos by holding a sit-in demonstration in front of one of the casinos in Khanapara. The protest of these groups is to oppose the aim of the Government to turn Ri-Bhoi District into a gambling centre which may give rise to crime or effects which are detrimental to society as a whole, and what has left these groups surprised is that while the Government has assured that it will stop all processes for the establishment of casinos in Meghalaya yet 3 persons have already been given temporary licenses.

On this day these groups had planned to enter inside these casinos however could not do so as the iron gates were locked and in rage, they began thrashing the gate but with the talk and persuasion of the police force, they were eventually calmed.

The protest was also attended by George B.Lyngdoh, the MLA of Umroi who is also the Chief Whip of the Opposition to extend his support to the protest against casinos

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