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BJP ticket for North Shillong much coveted by hopefuls


Shillong, September 21: The tussle amongst the hopeful candidates of the BJP is seen to have intensified for the 19- North Shillong constituency, and in the past few weeks, 2 prominent leaders of the BJP from the constituency exited the party after they were certain that they were not getting a party ticket to contest the 2023 MLA Election.

The fight for the ticket was seen today as well with Micheal Kharsyntiew, a member of the party who has sought a ticket from the BJP informed that the former CEM of the KHADC who is also a senior leader of the BJP, Martamlim Pyrbot has extended his support to him in getting the party ticket.

Kharsyntiew said that the BJP has a hope of upto 95% for a victory in the MLA Election from North Shillong, and till date, it has not yet announced a candidate, therefore he has invited his fellow party members who have strayed and have exited from the party to come back.

Kharsyntiew also refuted any disarray in the party for the ticket and said that there are only 3 candidates who want to contest the Election from the BJP, and let the supporters of the party decide who is most right for the job to get the ticket.

It may be pointed that in the past few months, Rocky Hek exited the party and joined the NPP to contest the Election from Pynthorumkhrah constituency after he was certain that he will not get the BJP ticket to contest from North Shillong. Following this the former leader who was also the candidate the BJP in 2018, J.A Lyngdoh also exited the BJP, and now it can be understood that there is close fight for the BJP ticket between Micheal Kharsyntiew and retired police official,Mariahom Kharkrang who had just recently joined the BJP to contest the MLA Election from North Shillong.

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