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Government calls a meeting for mid-day meal workers; pay increased to Rs.3000 from Rs.1000


The All-Meghalaya Mid-day Meal Workers today took a decision to stop their strike after the Education Department called them to the discussion table to discuss their pay enhancement.

Speaking with media persons today the Adviser of the All Jaintia Mid-day Meal Workers, L.K.Pariat informed that the Education Department led by the Commissioner Secretary of Education, Dr.B.D.R Tiwari also in the presence of the Director of Education Department, Ambrose Ch.Marak explained that their demand has been taken note and has been forwarded to the Finance and Planning Department of the 11th of August 2022.

Furthermore, he said that the Education Department has forwarded to the Finance and Planning Department the advisory to enhance the pay of Mid-day Meal Workers from Rs.1000 to Rs.3000 inclusive of Rs.1000 from the Central Government and Rs.2000 from the State Budget for the 18,776 workers from April,2022 to November,2022 and February,2023 to March,2023.

K.L Pariat informed that there is a hope that the Cabinet will give a nod of approval to their demands, and with regards to the month of December and January, it was informed that the Education Department is looking for ways and means because there is a mandate that says that the pay shall be paid only for 10 months.

Therefore, the All-Meghalaya Mid-day Meal Workers decided that if their demand cannot be met by the last week of November, the workers will hold an intense agitation and the PM Portion from Meghalaya will be scrapped.

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