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Ministers are scared of speaking up for the poor lest they lose their ministerial berth, says candidate of 16 East Shillong Constituency


KAM Meghalaya today announced the name of Wanpynhun Kharsyntiew as the candidate from 16-Shillong East constituency to contest against Dr.Mazel Ampareen Lyngdoh and Manuel Badwar.

Pastor Kyrsoibor Pyrtuh, a candidate from KAM Meghalaya, and Angela Rangad, a candidate from this group, were also present on this day.

Speaking with media persons today at the office of KAM Meghalaya, Wanpynhun Kharsyntiew who is a leader of the Domestic Workers Union said that she came forward to contest the election to bring a change in politics and to fight without using any money power which all the other candidates are in possession.

She informed that her entry into politics as a candidate in the upcoming election is a result of her wishing to make the public understand the oppressive treatment that wealthy and government dignitaries against the poor without paying heed to their existence and said that the Government Ministers are scared to stand up for the poor common people because they are scared of losing their ministerial berth.


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