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While on a picnic, two youths from Mawlai drowned in Umngi river


Mawkyrwat, August 16: As per information related by relatives and friends consisting of 6 friends of the youths who went to Umngi river which is situated on the border of South West Khasi Hills District and East Khasi Hills for a picnic, they arrived at the spot at about 1:30 PM but before returning home they thought they would eat some food first and for that they went to the river to wash but while they were still washing themselves two of their friends slipped and drowned in Umngi river. The incident occured at about 4:00 PM in the evening of the 15th of August,2022.

The moment their friends slipped, they tried to help them but unfortunately they could not be helped as they were no match for the strong current of the water and given that they did not know how to swim, the two drowned in this river.

The friends who came along immediately informed the family members of the two friends on the same evening about the incident.

The two who drowned were identified as Bakordor Lyngdoh Mawphlang, 22 years from Mawlai Mawtawar and Bankyntiewdor Pdahkasiej, 21 years from Mawlai Nongmali who just got his B.Sc results.

The family members came searching for the two boys from the evening of the 15th to the morning of the 16th but the remains of Bankyntiewdor Pdahkasiej could be recovered only at 6:00 AM in the morning with the help of a swimmer who is the driver of a commercial vehicle from Mawkyrwat to Shillong.

Till the time of this report, only the remains of Bankyntiewdor Pdahkasiej could be recovered and as per the statement of Elius Pdahkasiej,maternal uncle of the boy, he expressed sadness at the ill fated incident and at the same time also extended his gratitude to all the people who came to help them in recovering the remains of the drowned youths which includes personnel from the Police Department of Mawkyrwat, the Search and Rescue Team(SRT) from Shillong, the Rangbah Shnong of Lawblei village who were all came together to search and recover the remains of the youths today.

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