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An awareness programme was held at RBP Higher Secondary School, Nongpoh, in response to the growing drug problem


Nongpoh, August 12: In part to eradicate the growing problem of the drug menace in Ri-Bhoi District and also in the whole State, the Department of Education of the Districts Social Welfare and the Office of the Deputy Commissioner, Ri-Bhoi District today the 12th of August organised an awareness programme for the students of Ri-Bhoi Presbyterian Higher Secondary School on drugs, ganja and other intoxicant which was held in Ri-Bhoi Higher Secondary School, Nongpoh.

On this day explanations on the topic were delivered to the students by different speakers which include Smti.E.Kharchandy, District Social Welfare Officer, Ri-Bhoi District,Nongpoh, Smti.V.A Hynniewta, ADC, Ri-Bhoi District, Smti. P L Nonglait, DSEO Ri-Bhoi District, Shri.W.Radu,Principal of RBP Higher Secondary School in the presence also of the teachers and students of this school.

Smti.E.Kharchandy informed that there are 4 districts in the state which have emerged as districts where the number of drug addicts is rapidly rising. She also said that Ri-Bhoi District is in the midst of a lot of danger because drugs is transported through this District to be delivered to other districts in the State.

We should be cautious in our lives and we should be vigilant in society so that drugs cannot enter the lives of our youths, because drugs will destroy human lives, families and also society, said Smti.E.Kharchandy.

In the programme, songs and dances were also performed by the students of the school and in the end a pledge from students and teachers were said out loud, “Say No to Drugs” led by Smti.V.A Hynniewta, ADC, Ri-Bhoi District.


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