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Government does not feel the need to give much importance to the hoisting of the HNLC flag


Shillong, August 16:   Prestone Tynsong, deputy chief minister of Meghalaya, suggested that the flag of the HNLC not be given much importance on 14th of this month, while adding that the flag of the HNLC being hoisted up must have been done by someone who already had the flag from right before, and it could may be because someone is just being enthusiastic.

It may be reminded that on the morning of the 14th of this month which is the day the HNLC turns 35, a flag of the HNLC was seen to have been put up at the Wahumkhrah bridge, close to the Jingthangbriew or the Cremation ground in Jaiaw, and this flag was later removed by the police.

On being queried, Tynsong said that not much importance should be given to such things because it is an isolated incident, however it must be understood also that on such celebratory occasions of India such as the Republic Day and Independence Day, the HNLC used to call a bandh so that people could not participate in the celebrations but this year there is no such thing as that. The Deputy Chief minister also said that this is a good sign and shows hope that the peace talk which has already started to process ahead will be successful.

On being queried about the peace talk, Tynsong said that the peace talk has begun and the Government will wait until a report is received from the interlocutors of the two sides.


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