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Don’t play politics with the roads in Mawhati constituency: NPYF Mawhati


The leaders of the National People’s Youth Front Mawhati Block today came forward to present a clarification to the public of Mawhati constituency over the allegations that their leader who is the MLA of Mawhati constituency, Dasakhiatbha Lamare has yet not done anything for the constituency with no developmental schemes especially with regard to roads.

The leaders of the NPYF which include Hilary Shadap, President, Pynbhalanh Syiem, Working President and Nicholas Malai, General Secretary of the NPYF refuted the baseless allegations and said that Dasakhiatbha Lamare as their MLA brought many changes in Mawhati constituency and also did a lot of good work, but they do not see that and see only the lapses, while Mawhati constituency has changed a lot compared to the times of other representatives.

With regard to the roads, they clarified that from their end they had already met with the Deputy Chief Minister,Prestone Tynsong and said that the work order for 3 roads will soon be distributed and construction will also follow soon. These include the road from Liarbang to Sabuda of about 10 kms length at an estimated cost of Rs.18.5 crores, the road from Khydewsso to Jingkieng Umkhen which is 10 kms in length at an estimated cost of Rs.20 crores and the road from Umsning to Sonidan which is 40 kms in length at an estimated cost of Rs.114 crores, for which the construction will begin soon.

The leaders appealed and extended their apology to the people due to the delay but the task and the road is guaranteed and therefore also requested that in connection to this matter, no one should use it as political mileage.

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