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Sumo sold in scraps to raise funds of more than Rs.60,000 to pay the MeECL for damaging electrical pole ; damaged electrical pole not replaced till date


SHILLONG, July 21: Rampant corruption in the Meghalaya Energy Corporation Limited (MeECL) can be seen in even the smallest of tasks which has also affected private individuals as revealed by Disparsing Rani who is a well known RTI activist in the State.

Addressing media persons, Rani informed that the MeECL has not replace an electrical pole in Laimer till date which was hit by a sumo in 2019 even after the owner of the sumo sold off scraps of his vehicle so that he could raise the funds to pay the MeECL Rs.60,491 for the installation of a new electrical pole.

Rani put forward a question to the MeECL as to where more than Rs.60,000 was spent since till date the damaged electrical pole which was hit by the sumo has not been replaced even after the owner of the sumo had to sell off his vehicles in scraps to raise money for it, furthermore he also raised a question as to what may happen if the same pole breaks or collapses.

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