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TMC MLA from Umroi condemns Lahkmen’s warning to the SSA teachers


Shillong: George B.Lyngdoh, TMC MLA from Umroi who is also the Chief Whip of the Opposition has strongly condemned the threat of the State Government through the Minister of Education, Lahkmen Rymbui against the SSA teachers of the State.

Speaking with media persons,George B.Lyngdoh said at such a time when the teachers are out on the street to demand their right and that is the payment of their 5 months salaries which they have not received, they instead are threatened with a no work, no pay policy which has only added fuel to the fire of anguish faced by the teachers, and on this matter, Lyngdoh has in turn put forward a question pertaining to the action of the Government on the work and service already rendered by the SSA teachers.

George B.Lyngdoh is filled with grave concern upon seeing and meeting the teachers personally, and one point that has really made him think after having heard the explanations of the SSA teachers is that this matter of them agitating for non-payment of salaries arises from the fact that when they go meet government officials, the response they get from one table of one officer and then from another table of another officer is unclear, with one officer saying something while the other says something else altogether which leads to a lot of confusion when even the higher officials incharge cannot give a clear picture of the situation which is indication enough that perhaps the whole Education Department lacks coordination in its operation.

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