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HNLC leaders granted movement pass to enter and stay in Meghalaya


SHILLONG, July 19: The interlocutor for the Hynniewtrep National Liberation Council(HNLC) in the peace talk, Sadon Blah said so far through the peace talk between the Government of India, the Government of Meghalaya and the HNLC, provisions agreed upon is the unencumbered movement of HNLC leaders to and from India.

He said at present the leaders of the HNLC can enter and stay in Meghalaya to process the peace talk further, whether it be on ceasefire or to process other issues for the talk.

On being queried, it was informed that since the start of the peace talk, the meeting of the leaders of the HNLC had taken place in Meghalaya for which they came and left but now they will be allowed unencumbered movement of the forefront leaders in order to further process the talk.

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