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AMPSRA organises training programme on the cutting and sale of meat


Today, hundreds participated in the training programme on how to cut and sell meat organised by the All Meghalaya Poultry Supplier & Retailer Association (AMPSRA) in collaboration with the Office of the Commissionerate of Food Safety, Government of Meghalaya.

On this day were also present Wanshai Kharshandi, President of the AMPSRA, office-bearers of the association and officials from the Veterinary Department.

Speaking at the gathering, D.B.S Mukhim, Assistant Commissioner of Good Safety and Designated Officer, Commissionerate of Food Safety, Government of Meghalaya, East Khasi Hills District, Shillong informed that shops selling meat should be given licenses and suggested that the license number must be inscribed in their shops.

With regards to this, a few opposed the idea but eventually it was decided that the plan to issue licenses must be implemented soon with the AMPSRA supporting the plan.

On this day training was imparted by Dr.S.W Lyngdoh who spoke on how to kill the animal and cut its meat.

Another training or instruction given or explained well in this programme is to no longer allow the sale of meat which has been left in the open and uncovered especially in shops on the roadside, and for vendors of such shops, they have been instructed to put up encase covers to prevent dust and pollution from contaminating the meat.

Apart from that, the meat sellers must make cleanliness and sanitation a priority by wearing aprons and covering their heads to avoid hair falling on the meat.

In order to maintain a clean and well sanitized shop, it was suggested that the meat shops must whitewash or paint their shops once in three months, thus also ensuring the people get the meat which is clean and uncontaminated.

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