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The public is tired of the national parties’ rule, HDR Lyngdoh jumps to the UDP along with his supporters


SHILLONG,June 29: The United Democratic Party (UDP) is boosting it’s presence in Sohïong constituency now with the party formally welcoming the former MLA of the Congress, HDR Lyngdoh and his supporters today the 29th of June.

Speaking at the meeting, HDR said that the leaders which include the MLA and the MDC are not of the UDP, but they are leaders who only have worn-out horns and if they were to attack it would feel like a tickle instead of a wound, and the public is fed of the empty promises uttered at the time of need. He said that one man who is the supporter of the HSPDP said that the MLA is quite good with words but does not deliver the desired results, and this is an indication of what time stands to show.

He further stated that the public is fed up of the rule of the national parties, and when they tattered the Congress to pieces, he too was caught in the fray, but now another national party is leading which is the NPP. He said that the NPP’s enthusiasm comes only from the leaders and not the people.

Lyngdoh also said that there is no doubt that the public will also reject the NPP which is the party leading the Government now, and they will turn to the UDP which has a plan and a vision for the future of the State.

On this day thousands of people were seen attending the meeting in which were also present the forefront leaders of the UDP including the President, Metbah Lyngdoh, the General Secretary, Jemino Mawthoh, Paul Lyngdoh, Titosstarwell Chyne amongst others.

Speaking on this day, Metbah Lyngdoh said that the UDP is not at all a party that wants to break or disturb the harmony in the family just because of politics.

He said that the UDP urges not only the leaders but also the public to not pay heed to any chance which breaks families only because of politics.This statement of Metbah Lyngdoh comes after the family members of HDR Lyngdoh worked against him in 2018 by supporting Samlin Malngiang, but have now returned to once again support their elder brother.

In this meeting, Metbah Lyngdoh also said that the UDP which is a regional party which has been in existence for a long time, takes forward the issue to bring about unity amongst all the regional parties many a times, however, when it comes to discussion part on this matter with other regional parties, the outcome remains stagnant.

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