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If we still don’t know how to govern us return to Assam, don’t rent out your house to Nagpur to Delhi: Paul Lyngdoh


SHILLONG, June 29: The Working President of the United Democratic Party (UDP), Paul Lyngdoh said that the key of the house should not be given out on rent to Nagpur or Delhi, and if we cannot govern then it is better to return to Assam.

Paul Lyngdoh said this at a meeting of the party in Sohïong held to formally welcome the former MLA of the Congress,H.D.R Lyngdoh to the UDP.

He said that the State needs a change because even after 50 years of Statehood, 35 years of rule in the State was led by the national parties, and now it is necessary to renew so that the rule may rest in the hands of the locals without the need to rent out the key of the State to others.

The leader of the UDP said that it is necessary to renew the spirit of the forefathers and the old who led the State towards governance of the locals, because if we still cannot govern then there is no point in having our own State.

Paul Lyngdoh further stated that the community is not barren in producing leaders, and it had produced great leaders before and will produce more leaders at this juncture too.

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