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Dasakhiatbha secures Rs.114 crores for the Umsning-Jagi Road


SHILLONG, June 29: The Minister in the State, Dasakhiatbha Lamare who is also the MLA from Mawhati constituency has expressed happiness over the Government allocation of Rs 114 crores for the construction of the Umsning-Jagi road.

Lamare informed that once the rainy season is over, the company tasked with the work will begin the construction of the Umsning-Jagi road which is 40 kms in length at an estimated cost of Rs.114 crores funded by the World Bank.

He said that this particular road has remained unattended to for more than 40-45 years with no repair or new construction carried out on it and this has created much difficulties for the commuters of the road.

He expressed his gratitude to the PWD and the senior officials for having worked towards securing the allocated budget for the construction of the Umsning-Jagi road which will pass through the villages under Mawhati constituency and this will be a great blessing for the public.

At the same time the MLA sought for forgiveness from the public of Mawhati constituency over the delay and said that he had contested the election in 2018 and after he won the election, the proposal for the construction of the road was the first he had sent but due to unavoidable circumstances it had been delayed, and now as expected and with the collaborative effort put in by all, this road will be ready in the next 6-7 months.

Lamare further stated that even though he is not contesting the MLA election from Mawhati constituency but he had promised to pursue the matter pertaining to this road and he urged the local public residents to not be anxious because he has assured that he shall follow up on it even if he is busy with his campaign in Nongkrem.

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