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Cremation house permitted in Sylleiïawkheiñ, WKHD


It is truly good and pleasant news for the Seng Khasi Nongstoiñ, West Khasi Hills who still follow the indigenous religion as they have finally got a cremation house in Sylleiïawkheiñ.

t7 met with Hemborlin Kharsyntiew,the adhoc Sordar of Sylleiïawkheiñ and in the meeting the Sordar said that in recent times, the village had decided that it shall not allow the Seng Khasi to construct the house like structure specific for the purpose of cremation however after the village deliberated more and discussed the matter further, the village through the Dorbar Shnong of Sylleiïawkheiñ with one voice took the decision to permit the Seng Khasi to construct the cremation house in the village.

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