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Construction of road to District Social Welfare Office, WKHD to begin with the onset of winter


One road which leads to the Office of the District Social Welfare Officer,West Khasi Hills District has been in a dilapidated condition and the office is also one of the offices which persons with disabilities have to use to quite often but if it were to remain in the same condition it will continue to cause a lot of problems for the persons with disabilities to use the road and not only that but it can now be seen that even vehicles plying through the road find it difficult to ply through the road.

With regard to this matter when t7 met with Smti.V.C.War, District Social Welfare Officer of West Khasi Hills District, she said that the Office has received an allocation of more than Rs.12 lakhs for the repair of th road but the PWD has delayed the construction due to the monsoon season but has assured that they shall promptly begin construction with the onset of winter because at present if it were to be started, the rain and subsequent water collection as a result of that will not allow for the construction to move forward.

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