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Relatives of Freedom Fighters give suggestions on the proposed erection of 3 commemorative monuments


SHILLONG, June 20: The proposed plan of the Government to erect monuments of the 3 Freedom Fighters of the State, Tirot Sing Syiem,Kiang Nangbah and Pa Togan Sangma has processed forward in which today the Minister incharge of the Department of Arts and Culture, Sanbor Shullai also met with the relatives of the freedom fighters for design approval.

Shullai informed that the relatives of Tirot Sing want the image to be the same as that which has been put on the stamps while the relatives of Kiang Nangbah and Pa Togan Sangma have expressed that they want the carvings to be as has been released in the Meghalaya Calendars.

He informed that the construction of the 3 monuments will begin soon in the compound of the Soso Tham Auditorium at an estimated cost of Rs. 3 lakhs.

At the same time he informed that after having inspected the area in Jowai, a full bodied monument of Kiang Nangbah will also be placed there, and for the bust of Tirot Sing to be put up in Dhaka, Bangladesh in the compound of the Indian Embassy which will require an inspection first since there are two options available.

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