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Armed Forces aspirants in Shillong arise to demand holding the CEE and protest against the Agneepath scheme


SHILLONG, June 20: Following the intense agitations in other states of India against the scheme for recruitment into the Armed Forces, today the 20th of June hundreds of job seeking youths also came out in a public protest in Shillong.

The protest of the youths without any prior information or without prior permission from the District Administration surprised the police who went to stop them from moving forward with their public rally, and were directed instead to show their protest infront of the Kiang Nangbah statue situated near Shillong Civil Hospital.

The job seeking youths which was a mix of youths from many communities walked through a few areas of Shillong while shouting out the slogan, “We want justice”.

These youths also demanded that the Common Entrance Examination(CEE) should be held as well as for the Army Recruitment Rally to start soon.

At the same time these youths shouted out their protest against the Agneepath scheme, the new recruitment scheme into the Armed Forces. As per the statements of these youths, the recruitment process through the Tour of Duty (ToD) recruitment mode in which the youths shall be employed only for 4 years in the Armed Forces will destroy the hopes and aims of many youths who aspire of a career in the Indian Army.

It may be expressed that the Indian Government on the 14th of June this year approved the new recruitment scheme into the Armed Forces. The scheme is known as the AGNEEPATH scheme and the youths selected under this scheme will be known as Agniveers and will work for 4 years only as soldiers.

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