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Withdrawing support from the MDA Government is a decision to be taken by the senior leaders of the BJP: Ernest


SHILLONG, June 14: The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Meghalaya has expressed that it shall await the directives from senior leaders of the party if support is to be withdrawn from the coalition MDA Government led by the NPP.

The President of the BJP, Ernest Mawrie informed that in the meeting held on the 25th of last month, some members of the party who suggested withdrawing support from the MDA Government, but he said that from the party they feel that this matter should be decided directly by the senior leaders from Delhi.

He also informed this matter will also be discussed in the National Executive meeting which will be held soon in Hyderabad. In connection with the statements of the 2 MLAs of the party, he said that the MLAs will also have to wait for the decision from Delhi.

On the allegation of the Congress that the disarray is because one MLA of the BJP criticises the Government while another praises the Government, Mawrie said that the BJP has achieved its a in freeing India from the rule of the Congress and the statement of the MPCC President, Vincent H.Pala is a personal opinion.

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