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Domestic workers to hold a public rally on the 16th from Iewryghep Ground to Malki Ground


The group of domestic workers known as the Domestic Workers Movement-Meghalaya Region under the leadership of Wanpynhun Kharsyntiew announced that it hold a protest rally on the 16th of this month which will begin from Iewryghep Ground and end at Malki Ground.

Kharsyntiew said that this rally is held to express to the Government their demand which they had put forward from 2003, and till now the Government has not paid heed to their demands.

She said that recently they had tried to meet with the Chief Minister of Meghalaya,however they had been unsuccessful in meeting him from April and so they met with the Governor to hand over a memorandum of their demands.

With regard to their demand, Kharsyntiew said that the Government must recognise domestic workers under the Labour Laws which is a law meant to recognise and protect the domestic workers, and the Government must put in place a minimum wage for each workers.


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