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Thousands from Mawchynrut area join the NPP including former MDC of the PDF


Ministers in the MDA from other parties will be joining the NPP, claims G.Myrthong

About 1500 people from 5 polling stations of Umdang Pyllun and other villages in Mawchynrut area joined the NPP under the leadership of Gigur Myrthong as MLA and MDC of the area.

On this day amongst the people who joined the NPP, former MDC of Mawchynrut constituency, Morningstar Mawsor along with his supporters which are not less than about 300 also joined the NPP.

The gathering to welcome the new members was held at Umdang Schoo ground in which the MLA and former Minister in the Meghalaya Government, H.L.Nongsiang who is also a senior Advisor of NPP Mawchynrut was present and conducted the meeting as the Chairman.

Apart from them, Bajop Pyngrope, MDC of Rambrai-Jyrngam, leaders of the NPP Mawchynrut and the people who are the supporters came and witnessed the day.

At the meeting the public supporters from the Congress party, HSPDP, UDP which were more than 1000 in number were amongst the others who joined the NPP from different villages of the area, and they were all welcomed by Gigur Myrthong,MLA of the area along with the leaders of NPP Mawchynrut.

The supporters who newly joined the NPP expressed that the reasons which made them decide to join the party is because they have seen the manner in which the party functions wherein most of the works which could not actualise in the past are now beginning to take shape towards actualisation.

They also praised Gigur Myrthong who they compared to an over brimming water vessel who has poured so much of benefits and satisfaction unto the people of Mawchynrut.

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