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The actions of the Congress will not be a deterrence to contesting the Election


SHILLONG, June 06: The suspended MLA of the Congress from East Shillong constituency, Dr.M.Ampareen Lyngdoh has expressed surprise over the Congress electing a new President in the constituency without speaking or consulting the supporters in the Blocks or informing her.

Apart from that, the President has been going around and introducing himself as a Congress candidate, but she said that this action will not deter her from contesting the election because the people want her to contest again in the election.

She said that it is clear now that the Congress will no longer recognise the suspended MLAs to contest the Election and added that the 5 MLAs will remain a team of only 5 and decided to not go to any party, and added that they have chosen them as MLAs of the Congress and they will complet their term as Congress MLAs.

Ampareen Lyngdoh also expressed that the actions of the AICC leaders who came to Shillong, but they have not tried to talk or discuss with the 5 MLAs. She said that after the 12 MLAs who have merged with the AITC, the 5 remaining MLAs discussed at the MPCC office to clarify about where they will go and what actions to be taken because they can longer sit in the Opposition with the 12 MLAs who have betrayed the party because there may be more MLAs who might be attracted to go to the AITC.

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