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No MLA has assured or confirmed exiting the PDF: Banteidor


Shillong : The leader of the PDF who is also a Minister in the present MDA Government in the State, Banteidor Lyngdoh said that till this very moment no MLA of the party has assured or confirmed their decision to exit the party and contest the upcoming Assembly Election from another party in 2023.

This was stated by Banteidor Lyngdoh in response to rumours which said that there are some MLAs from the PDF who have threatened to take off the jersey of th PDF and are preparing to wear a jersey of other parties for the upcoming election.

The names of the MLAs that have come out in the rumours about leaving the party include the present MLA of Sohra, Gavin Mylliem, Jason Sawkmie Mawlong and even Hamletson Dohling and the rumour wave is that he will exit the party and if that is true then Banteidor Lyngdoh will be left all alone.

However, Banteidor Lyngdoh said that at every meeting as MLAs, there are talks and they ask each other about the matter but as yet no clear statement is there about them any of them exiting, therefore as it is at present it is clearly a rumour or the spreading of news by a few people in their respective constituencies.

Furthermore, Banteidor also said that as a person who stands on the principle of wanting to see such a party as the PDF which will speak for the preservation of tradition and culture, entitlement to the land and language.

However, if everyone is eager to exit or run elsewhere it will not be pleasing but he is filled with a joyful heart and confidence that in his journey he has instead found many candidates who will be joining the party especially after July, in which many candidates will be joining in order to contest the Assembly Election from the PDF even though many people count the PDF as a small party, but they should remember that a drop of water makes an ocean and as a leader of the party he also said that he does not want to just sprint but it’s better to fight slowly instead of breaking forcefully.

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