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Why rent out your shop to non-locals when your own children are unemployed? : HYC


The Hynniewtrep Youth Council,Shillong City under the leadership of John Lyngdoh today submitted an appeal with the Executive Member of Trade and Water Resources in the KHADC, Rangkynsai Kharbuki with regard to the issuance of Trading Licenses to non-locals from other states who come and establish businesses in the State.

Speaking with John Lyngdoh, he said that in the issuance of Trading Licenses to non-locals it was found that instead of pursuing a business as per the permission granted,they were found to have been engaging in other businesses which is illegal since their license is issued for a specific business and cannot be used for other businesses not specified.

Furthermore, John Lyngdoh said that many local Khasi youths are now engaged in contract works and have established their own businesses but allowing a provision for those coming from other states limits and takes away employment from the local Khasis who are the indigenous inhabitants of the State.

Lyngdoh has sternly warned the shop owners to not give out their shops on rent to non-locals, and also said that when your own children are unemployed, how can they give their shops and allow for businesses of the non-locals to operate without thinking about their own flesh and blood first, and here it shows that they trust a non-local more than their own children.

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